What Is It Like Getting a Realtor’s License in WA?

Real estate agents are some of the highest earners in the U.S. Whether you are after the money or want to work in a dynamic environment, becoming a realtor in WA can be a wise move. The market landscape is diverse, and you will meet people with diverse needs in your line of work.


However, before you can become a licensed realtor, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Here, we break down all the steps involved in earning that coveted real estate license in WA.


Prerequisites and Education


Your first hurdle is ensuring that you meet all of the requirements laid out by the state. In WA, the requirements aren’t too strict. You must be over 18 years old, have documents to show you have at least a high school level education, and have a clean record.


If you tick every requirement, let’s look at what education is like. Applicants or students must complete the 90-hour pre-licensing program within two years. The coursework is divided into 60 hours covering the fundamentals and 30 hours focusing on real estate practices.


Learning Options


Many schools are offering real estate programs. However, the school you enroll in will play a vital role in your success. Ensure that the school is state-approved to avoid issues later when registering for the state exam.


The biggest debate is whether to study remotely or attend a physical school. We recommend selecting a school based on two things: your routine and learning style. Online schools are suitable for people with busy schedules.


If you are interested in learning 100% online, read more about the study plans and fees before enrolling.


What Is the Exam Like?


Once you’ve completed your education, it’s time to test your knowledge. This exam will test your understanding of different topics you covered during your pre-licensing coursework. Exam jitters will set in, especially if you have spent years out of the education system.


However, the key to passing the exam is proper preparation. The test is administered by PSI and comprises 130 multiple-choice questions. The questions are split into national and state portions with the pass mark set at 70%.


You can find quality exam practice materials at your local library or online via YouTube. Some schools offer a curated exam preparation package consisting of mock exams and flashcards to help you memorize terms and definitions. 


Licensing and Beyond


Successful candidates can proceed to the next stage and start the license application process. You must visit a fingerprinting center for fingerprints collection for a background check. Later, you can submit your papers to the DOL for license application review and approval.


Once you get your license approved, you are ready to start working as a realtor in WA. It is also the beginning of the next stage of your learning. Check out the continuing education requirements on the Washington State DOL website.


Summing Up


Becoming a realtor in WA can take three to six months depending on how much effort you put in. Overall, it is a rewarding career worth your time and money.