Top 6 Must-Have Extensions for Your Magento E-commerce Website

Running an eCommerce website is a multifaceted process. These Magento extensions streamline processes involved in managing your online store.


Subscribe at Checkout lets customers check a box subscribing to your newsletter during checkout. With this extension, you can keep customers engaged with your brand.


Searchanise lets you add related products, cross-sells and up-sells to product pages, categories, shopping cart, CMS blocks, and more automatically. It also allows you to customize the results based on different criteria.


Customer Specific Product & Price Extension


Providing special pricing for your loyal customers can increase customer trust and encourage them to shop more. This Magento 2 extension lets you create custom price plans for individual customers or customer groups. It also displays both the regular and the custom prices on the frontend, which can make buyers feel special.


With the help of this module, you can hide product costs and offer custom prices to your customers from the admin panel. Customers will be able to see the custom prices on the storefront when they are logged into their accounts.


This Magento 2 tier pricing extension is ideal for B2B wholesalers that support bulk orders. It helps you manage prices with a flexible tier structure and compute them based on CSV files in various measurement units. It also supports multi-tier pricing for a product category and provides priority for each custom rule.


Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension


Adding multiple shipping methods to your e-commerce website is a great way to increase sales. However, choosing the right best magento ecommerce development company and extension is important for ensuring your business is able to meet customer expectations and minimise abandoned carts.


With the Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension, you can offer shipping rates based on a wide range of conditions. These conditions can be location-based, such as state or postcode, and also include product attributes like size and weight.


You can configure multiple flat rates for each country to ensure your store meets the unique needs of customers in different regions. Additionally, you can set custom error messages for displaying shipping methods that aren’t available to customers. This makes it easy for your customers to choose the right shipping method. Moreover, you can add up to 10 flat rates with various conditions and prices. Admins can also easily manage shipping charges with a handy admin panel.


Track Order & Shipment Status Extension


Providing customers with order tracking information is crucial to build customer trust and ensure a positive omnichannel experience. By providing a seamless shipment and tracking process, your customers will be happy to continue shopping with you.


This extension allows your customers to track their shipment status without logging in to the website. They only need to enter the correct Order ID and Email address. The extension will keep the customer updated by sending shipment status emails and SMS notifications.


With this extension, your customers can view their order tracking status instantly with the help of AJAX. This will reduce your support requests and will turn your customers into loyal customers. The extension also comes with a mobile-friendly interface and can be easily integrated anywhere in the store. It also supports multiple shipping carriers and enables you to manage the tracking number for orders by item quantity.


Product Attachments Extension


Product Attachments is a great extension for e-commerce stores selling complex products. It enables you to upload important files such as PDF-manuals and guidelines, that help your customers understand the product better. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rate.


The extension lets you create a separate “File Download” page and divides all the downloadable files into categories. You can also add custom icons to make the attachments look attractive on frontend. The backend allows you to easily manage and filter the attachments by id, title, product SKU (attachment is assigned to), file type, category and status.


Customers want all the necessary information about a product before making a purchase decision. This helps them feel confident about their purchase and eliminates any doubts they may have. It also reduces the number of support queries by providing shoppers with the relevant information directly from your website.


Shipping Restrictions Extension


A well-developed shipping policy is essential for your eCommerce business and ensuring customers have a smooth purchasing experience. Some products may require different shipping methods based on their fragility or if they have legal limitations for exporting or importing.


With this extension, storefront admins can create flexible shipping rules to meet the needs of each customer. Using cart attributes and product information, the admin can restrict the selection of shipping methods. Customers will be given an error message if they select a shipping method outside the admin’s rules.


Easily choose cart rules or customer groups from a dynamic grid, and limit available shipping methods accordingly. This feature is especially useful for stores with worldwide customers. Moreover, the admin can also select shipping methods based on specific store views and customer groups for better efficiency. This makes the extension a must-have for any Magento online store.


Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension


Unlike the Magento standard search function which displays the results in a separate page, this magento extension development services upgrades your Magento store’s search tool with autocomplete and product suggestions. This helps customers find what they want quickly, reducing their friction and motivating them to make multiple purchases.


This extension is ideal for stores with hundreds of products or more. It provides an easy-to-use backend where the admin can manage the searchable content and adjust the look of the results. Additionally, it supports multi-stores and has advanced features such as the ability to split product SKUs and names into keywords.


This Magento 2 extension is a powerful tool that improves search results and increases the conversion rate of your website. It shows relevant search results as soon as customers start typing, making it a great tool for increasing the sales of your website. In addition, it also supports a variety of languages and is responsive to mobile devices.