Easy formula to win more in warzone 2 (tips & tricks)

The easiest formula to win more in Warzone 2 is combining your best weapon loadouts with your best in-game tactics. How? Since Warzone 2 is more of a battleground, gathering only the best weapons is not all you need to win. You must have some tactics that enemy players don’t know yet. 

For instance, flanking an enemy and taking him by surprise with an RPK can be a formula to win more fights. So, combine your elite weapons with exclusive tactics and win more, solo or as a team. Also, you can try these undetected Warzone 2 hacks to enjoy easy wins in every COD Warzone 2 fight. 

Keep reading for more formulas, tips, and tricks.

Easy Formula to Win More in Warzone 2 (Tips and Tricks)

  • Early Access to different weapons Pays

Most powerful Warzone 2 weapons are locked and must be unlocked before you can access them. But the weapon unlock system makes it complicated. You can unlock as many weapons as possible faster in DMZ mode. This is because once you extract any weapon in DMZ, it’ll automatically unlock for COD Warzone 2 and will no longer pass through the normal unlocking process.

Alternatively, you can visit Buy Stations to purchase custom weapons, attachments, etc. If you can access a wide collection of weapons, you’re ready for more wins in Warzone 2. If a certain weapon doesn’t work well, you can easily switch to a suitable one. 

The AI Mazrah map in Warzone 2 is vast and has a lot of tall buildings and high mountains. If you can find one and get on it, you will likely get more kills. You’ll also have a wider view of your surroundings and a better aim at your enemies below.

Having a sniper rifle while attacking from high grounds can give you more advantage over enemies. Also, while aiming and attacking from tall buildings, rooftops, or mountains, make sure you look around for enemy snipers. You don’t want to get snipped on the forehead.

  • Be fairly close to your team.

No matter your reasons, don’t be far from your team. Drifting away is one of the common recipes for downfall. A team match in Warzone 2 is important to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Even if you want to win more gunfights ahead of your team, try not to go far away.

Your team members have a lot to do for you. They can provide spare weapons, ammo, or health kits if you run out. However, reaching out for these may be impossible if you’re far away. That means you may not live to win. Always look at your map to know your distances. 

Previously, Warzone 2.0 had a single circle that shrinks slowly, exposing players outside the circle to the gas. But now, it has three small circles that shrink into one to make a “final zone.” Keeping an eye on these circles will help you know when and where to move.

Since you want to win more, you must stay alive, which means staying inside the circle(s). As they shrink, other players within will be forced into close-quarter combats, making it more dangerous. However, if you’ve got your shotgun at this point, then winning is inevitable.

  • Interrogate that enemy in a safe area

Interrogating enemies is a new mind-blowing feature of COD: Warzone 2. Once an enemy is down, you can interrogate him. This reveals the position of his other teammates, exposing them to unexpected attacks. While this can help you win more in Warzone 2, it can also be risky.

So, before interrogating an enemy, ensure your surroundings are safe and clear. Once you begin the interrogation, it’ll trigger a lengthy animation, putting you in more danger. If you can get some of your teammates to give you cover during the process, you’re a step from your victory.

  • Befriend cover-friendly objects

In Warzone 2, there are many objects you can hide in, but not all will provide you with a hardcover. Some are penetrable, while some are impenetrable. It can be tricky to identify between the two. 

To make it easier, take cover with objects like walls of buildings, vehicles, old appliances, metal drums, etc. You can hide behind these objects while healing, reloading, or scanning your environment.


There are a lot of ways to win more in Warzone 2. However, we’ve given you the best easy formulas. These tips and tricks will get you more wins and take your gameplay to the next level.

Get Access to different weapons, attack from high grounds, be fairly close to your team, and keep an eye on the circle (s). Don’t forget to interrogate that enemy you downed in a safe place and make sure you cover behind hard objects.